5 Quality and Effective Link Building Techniques in 2021

If there is a great time to make your online presence felt, now is that time. When people are cultivating relationships, personal and otherwise, through the Internet, you should pay close attention to link building services that would make things work for you and your brand.

Link building is a pretty time-intensive effort but is undoubtedly one of the more effective ways to help you rank high in Google search. This process involves setting up various links of your website, content, and brand on different, high-quality websites. Its main goal is to promote and market your brand and strengthen its online presence. According to an experienced SEO company in Salt Lake City, link building is one of the best ways to establish brand trust. To gain its full benefit, you must implement these five top-quality and effective strategies:

  • Use Q&A sites liberally

There are various websites that you can use to make your link building efforts worth it. Some of them are Q&A websites, which people use daily for different types of concerns. Getting through such websites and offering thoroughly researched and accurate answers to relevant questions is a great way to boost your traffic. But of course, you have to remember to attach a backlink to your response. That’s a crucial detail you cannot miss.

  • Take advantage of seasonal campaigns

Special holidays and timely social media campaigns draw unbelievably high traffic. Encourage link sharing by making use of hashtags and incorporating them into relevant content. Doing so will strengthen potential link sharing and backlinking, which will do wonders for your brand.

  • Leverage existing links through reclamation

Link reclamation is a powerful strategy that could significantly help drive traffic to your website. It is about re-establishing mentions and backlinks. You can reach out and ask websites to change or restore old links so they can be useful as new. It is common for websites to remove or edit old links and you need to make an effort to ensure that does not happen.

  1. Strengthen your social media presence

Social media is one effective vehicle that could get you to your SEO goals. There is no doubt about that. In this time and age, when social media networks transcended from merely connecting people to nurturing relationships, they become a surefire way to realize your SEO goals. Grow your network by continuously and constantly posting on social media. It will help to fast-track your link building efforts, accessing millions of users across platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the sites that could help build your brand’s popularity quickly. Get hold of your followers through those sites, and you are bound to establish a relationship with your target audience, and increasing your revenue in the process.

  1. Write quality guest blogs consistently

Regular posting of quality, relevant guest blogs is another winning link building strategy. Blogging has always been and will always be the dominant technique to be successful at content marketing. And publishing content frequently (at least weekly) into relevant sites is known to increase site traffic by over 60%. Through guest blogs, you can strategically place links to your website and win organic traffic, mostly for no cost at all.


The most innovative and effective strategies to help you through 2021 and beyond remain to be the trusted techniques from way back. There is no instant success associated with link building. It is a long and tedious process you need to keep a close watch on constantly to make sure you are making progress. To help you stand out and surpass your competition, you have to strengthen your link building techniques and make them work for you.